Continuity Factors 

Continuity Factors

… from The CANDO Story

Our continuity factors are the basic elements which comprise CANDO.Our communications vehicles are characters, songs, the printed word, graphic arts and visual/audio products; and the key is communication. The overall format is the sum total of various programs that facilitate goal achievement, and our reason is to accommodate a need. Our premise for the Story is that it can be done. The program is CANDO, and our theme is good will.

The Story is the CANDO Story, and the path through this Story is CANDO Avenue. Transportation is provided by The Sunshine Train and other dimensional transporters, the place, Constellation CANDO, and the characters are you, me, and everyone together writing “The CANDO Story”.



 “The state or quality of being continuous; connected; series or succession;
script or scenario for a story, motion picture, radio, TV program, etc.”


“Any of the circumstances, conditions, etc., that bring about a result; element or constituent that makes a thing what it is”
Highly developed continuity factors in The CANDO Story are integrated into our catalog of music, book series, computer games, film, video scripts and educational curricula and are key elements for computer graphics, animation and software language development for our CANDO interactive educational website.

Some CANDO continuity factor samples are:

Constellation CANDO:

The basic building block of The CANDO Story, provides a place – a universe of achievement – where the Story unfolds.


A butterfly named “Premise” – a primary continuity factor – represents the basic thought – or premise – that we CAN achieve our highest potential. When the viewer sees Premise, he or she is reminded that “It can be done.”


(Positive role models) from Constellation CANDO, are integrated into all of our multimedia elements, individualized with unique personalities and supporting one another as they communicate, educate, and entertain in positive ways.

Little CANDO:

A universal elf from Appletown (on planet Mirth) plays a major role in The CANDO Story and represents the “CANDO Spirit” in all of us.

The Sunshine Train:

Essential to every facet of the Story, invites participants to “Hop aboard and express yourself!” This colorful, musical train ride experience provides a powerful vehicle for passengers to “meet and greet” as they travel to destinations near and far, for fun and learning. When the Sunshine Train icon flashes on the screen, the viewer knows the train is arriving at the depot to invite him or her on board for the next exciting adventure in the “CANDO! Multisensory Experience”!

Key Elements that build CANDO Story Structure


CANDO is relevant in today’s world.
Related to the matter at hand, to the point, pertinent;
To distinguish one phenomenon from other.


The continuity of CANDO is designed for success.
• Continuation; uninterrupted connection, succession or union; uninterrupted duration in time; something that has, exhibits or provides continuity, as a script or scenario in the performing arts


The CANDO program comprises factors designed to achieve intended goals.
• contributes to the production of a result
Communication: “The CANDO Story” promotes positive thoughts, ideas and communication.
• meanings exchanged through a common system of symbols; a technique for expressing ideas effectively in speech, writing, or through the arts; the technology of transmission of information


CANDO is a vehicle to stimulate higher level thinking skills.
• agent of transmission; medium with which something is expressed, achieved and displayed


CANDO is a key to unlocking potential.
The code to a system of pronunciation a device for opening;
something that holds together the parts of another thing;
to provide with an explanatory harmony


The CANDO format is the working system to create positive change.
general arrangement or plan


The reason for CANDO program is to make a positive contribution to our world.
• an explanation of justification of an act, sound thought, or judgment; good sense; to think coherently and logically; to think out systematically, logically


The premise of CANDO Story is that we CAN ACHIEVE, with a CANDO attitude.
• to and before, to introduce or preface


The CANDO! program offers outlets for participation in a multisensory experience designed to fulfill the goals of our Mission statement.
• a proclamation, a plan or procedure for dealing with some matter; to plan, prepare, enter or schedule a program;


Our theme is “CAN DO!”
• a topic of subject; a recurring, unified subject or idea

Story: The CANDO Story is an exciting, motivating, educational and entertaining adventure!
• the telling of a happening or connected series of happenings or events


CANDO Avenue is the path through Constellation CANDO, a universe of Achievement.
• a line of movement; a course taken; a course or manner of conduct, thought, or procedure


The CANDO Story incorporates an exciting mode of transportation: The Sunshine Train, “a train of thought”.
• a means or system of conveyance


Constellation CANDO, is the “Can Do!” place – a universe of achievement – where the CANDO Story unfolds.
• an open space; a particular area or locality; a step or point in a sequence time or character in space used, reserved or customarily occupied


Role Model Characters in The CANDO Story portray positive qualities and traits.

• a person in a play or story; a role as portrayed; to represent
Definitions from Webster’s 2nd, 4th and 7th New Collegiate Dictionaries

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